talli l. morgan

fantasy author

where to find me

the windermere tales

an epic fantasy adventure series with a high-stakes quest, multi-pov cast, and a gradual romance subplot. 16+

the oracle stone - book 1

the savior's rise - book 2

the master of time - a novella

the peacebringer trilogy

a YA epic fantasy series with adventure, intrigue, and mystery blended in. 15+

truthseeker - book 1

other books


a low-stakes fantasy romance featuring a fake dating plot. 16+

visit the carrd site below for my adult books published as T.L. Morgan

art commissions

Treating yourself to some character art? You've come to the right place.Please read over the options below and then complete the form to submit your commission request. Detailed guidelines can be found on the form.
If the form is closed, it means my commission slots are full at this time.
Thank you for considering me!


Detailed Lineart: a clean, refined drawing with crisp lines and intense detailing.
Chest-up: $25
Waist-up: $40
Flat Colors: a clean, refined drawing with crisp lineart and one layer of colors (no shading).
Chest-up: $50
Waist-up: $70
Full Color: a polished, fully rendered piece with clean lineart and detailed shading & highlights.
Chest-up: $80
Waist-up: $100